El Rey Theatre
June 27, 2001
Opening for Evan & Jaron

last night i went to the evan and jaron concert primarily just to see michelle. it was awesome. the threatre was tiny, so i got in the second row, standing room only. i got a ton of pictures of her. she played:

1. I'd Rather Be In Love
2. All You Wanted
3. Everywhere
4. You Get Me
5. Sweet Misery
6. Something To Sleep To

They were all really good. All You Wanted is definitely my favourite song now. She was really on that night. And her shirt she wore was just adorable! Jesse rocked as well. And a group of girls yelled out happy birthday to her and she took a sign of hers that said "happy 18th brithday michelle!" so that was cool. at one point she threw one of her official michelle branch pics into the audience. it hit this girl in back of me who wasn't watching and fell to the ground so i leaned down and got it!! now i have two of her pics!! one of the one's she played with for weeks, and an official maverick one.

then a band named Maroon (Formerly Kara's Flowers) came on. they were really really good. actually, the two opening bands were better than the main, but oh well. they had a very laid back, chill type sound to their music. kind of bob marley-ish/ska/sublime/jamiroquai, if you can believe it.

oh, the whole thing was really informal, with a lot of mav reps there. after michelle was done, i saw her guitarist jesse just walking around, and i said "do you remember me?" and he said"yeah, you were at the hard rock cafe!" and he said he looked for me the next night at The Gig, but i couldn't go. so he said michelle was comin out to walk around a little bit (aka shmooze) so just to find him and he would bring her over. but i never did see him again. oh well. but yeah, after maroon was over, they were all just walking around in the audience, totally informal.

evan and jaron were a lot better than i expected. well, actually, that's not true. for every band i've seen, they always sound a lot better live than recorded. Evan's voice was kind of high, but jaron's harmony worked well with it. but i had a huge headache to i was outside half the time.

the last song they played was a country cover of AC/DC's "Shook me all night long" which was really really cool...halfway through they broke into the rock version, then went back to the country. so after they left, i got one of evan's pics from the guitar stand that the roadie threw to us.

then, as we were walking outside, a couple gave my little sister and her friend their used meet and greet passes. so they went up to meet the guys. and i had to go get them cause our ride was there, but the security guard wouldn't let me. then this woman walked out with a pass on, and i asked her if i could have hers, so she gave it to me and i went up into the VIP room and i got evan and jaron to sign my pic that i had of theirs. i was looking around for michelle, but i guess she already left. it was about 11:00 by then.

so yeah, that was my night. pretty dope. would have been cooler if i didn't feel like puking half the night. but oh well. the tickets were free, so...go Michelle!!!!


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