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Michelle Branch: you can't believe this girl
I first heard Michelle.. boy, we'll just say a while ago. Back in those glorius unsigned days. I had always been such a fan of her music, and one day lost touch with her. Well, be it as fate may sometimes be, I was sitting my car going to dinner with a few friends when this absolutely wonderful song came on the radio. At first I thought it was a new song from a band called Plumb that I'm a fan of, and was very excited. Well, no, I was wrong. The DJ came on to say "..and that was the new one from Michelle Branch, 'Everywhere'," and I'm telling you, I think I could have run us off the road. I suppose there is some connection between Tiffany Arbuckle and Michelle's voice, but sobeit -- the song rocks.
I'm sure you've heard the song, but not the girl. She plays the guitar -- yes, for herself. She writes her own songs. Want me to keep going in praise? Well, I'm sure that I could, but I'd rather you check her out for yourselves. -- MICHELLE BRANCH!

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