On the Bricks, Atlanta, GA
June 21, 2002

I went down to see Michelle yesterday in Atlanta- a 4 and 1/2 hour drive. My friends & I passed out justincase flyers...got some good reactions. Jag Star was first, then Marathon, and then Res. We didn't really watch any of those bands. My friend & I saw Jon Button backstage, and he came over to the gate to talk to us before Res went on. He's so sweet... he even remembered my name I also saw Michelle backstage talking with her band and watching Res from the side of the stage. Michelle's set... ROCKED as always! She opened with a "My Own Worst Enemy" cover. Then she played "Sweet Misery," "If Only She Knew," and "I'd Rather Be in Love." The rest of the set consisted of: "Here With Me," "You Get Me," "Standing on the Edge," "Desperately" (acoustic), "Goodbye To You," "Everywhere" (Michelle said it was the best that the audience sang...we sang 2 whole choruses), "All You Wanted," "Tell You About It," "You Get What You Give." Jon Button made eye contact with my friend & I several times and jumped with us once, hehe. At the end, Michelle jumped off stage and ran across the front. The security guards rushed to surround her. Those d*mn security guards ruin all the fun. My front row streak at Michelle concerts continues, haha. Every concert I've been to hers, I've had the front row. Shows kick some butt from there! I also saw the girl from BachelorRed there... check them out, www.bachelorred.com :)

pictures courtsey of my friend, Lindsey

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