What's the Deal

I was sitting in my room, watching Michelle on the "California Summer Countdown" and after her interview is on, I see this video by an artist known as Kaci. Now, I'm sitting there staring at the screen thinking "What the hell?! She's another Mandy Moore." I couldn't believe there's another young pop princess. And there's that tramp, Willa Ford, and I'm sure there are others but I just don't know of them yet.

What is the deal with people at the record labels these days? How can these people who just sing and dance get a record deal so fast. Most bands have been working their butts off in hopes of a record label representative seeing them perform at a showcase. Don't record labels want to discover a new kind of music that will sell like hotcakes, like the "boy band pop" has?! Hanson got rejected twelve times before they got signed to Mercury, and Mercury had even rejected them. I bet you all of these boy bands, girl bands, and pop princesses don't get rejected at all. This little 13 year old girl, Kaci, probably walked into the office, and just signed a contract.

At least I know of one thing that brings me comfort... All of these people will only have their 15 minutes of fame, but Hanson, Michelle, and others will be able to share their music with the world for a lot longer.

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