August 8, 2001


Michelle Branch Says: Hey guys thanks for coming out!! Let's get this chat atarted!!!

jchanson asks "Question for Michelle: Hey michelle. My name is Marie. :o) I was wondering what it was like on the road for you? Do you ever wish you could just take a big break or are you still worried about what lies ahead?"

Michelle Branch answers: Hey Marie! I love being on the raod. it's great because a lot of people won't ever have the chance to do what I'm doing, so I love it. No worries at all. Although I do miss my own bed :)

nettik asks "What would you do for a klondike bar?".

Michelle Branch answers: I would climb the alps and yodel at the top of my lungs, I love ice cream!

shwaybabe asks "am I in the right place??"

Michelle Branch answers: Yeah, technical difficulties. Unless you meant to be in the "Horse Lovers anounymous" chat room?

thatdustypiano asks "When did you first meet hanson?"

Michelle Branch answers: A year ago today :) weird.

mags asks "Hey Michelle, it's Maggie from Blue Backgrouns, I've noticed that you are very supportive of unsigned musicians (which is very cool), I was wondering why you have the intrest?"

Michelle Branch answers: Hey maggie, just recieved your CD, it's awesome! I love hearing unsigned bands and supporting them because just a year ago, I was an unsigned artist and I know how it feels. the internet is a great way to discover some of them, such as my personal favorite Justincase ( who I am seeing tonight!

Michelle Branch says: be patient with me. I'm trying to type as fast as I can. My fingers are starting to smoke...eeek.

ikefran asks "Michelle, I was wondering, are you ever going to be relaising Broken Braclet?/".

Michelle Branch answers: I still have some copies of my independent album avalible, but not for long, they are going fast. The only place you can get it is:

supastar asks "Hey Michelle! So, your album comes out next Tuesday. Do you have any plans of throwing a release party? --Holly, 17, Indiana.".

Michelle Branch answers: My album "The Spirit Room" comes out on the 14th, next Tuesday, YAY! I'll be in Minneapolis, MN playing an acoustic show that night, so maybe I'll crack into the mini-bar or something, haha.

beckybear85 asks "Hey Michelle What was the title of the song you wrote with Hanson and did you sing it with them??"

Michelle Branch answers: The song is called "now I See" and we all wrote and sang it together. Maybe the song will be used sometime in the future, who knows \;)

love song asks "Congratulations on the new single! With it being such a hit here does that put more pressure on you for a hit album? Mem., TN".

Michelle Branch answers: Thank you! Although I wouldn't exactly call it a hit yet! I have a lot of work to do still. The only thing I wanted to do was make the best album I could, and I feel like I did that, so it's already a hit in my mind :)

zacssunkfairy asks "Michelle I love you! Your my savior! Haha.. im going to see you September 12th, im not even sure if you can see this because Alex doenst tell us directions".

Michelle Branch answers: Your savior?? rad! Thanks hey, Alex is doing a STELLAR job!!

hanson_chick asks "Michelle I jsut totally have to give you some major props for everything you do! You write, sing live and play guitar on all your songs and that is jsut truly amazing out there with all those other female artist who don't do any of those! Thanks for being a role model and showing the music business girlz really do knwo how to rock! \\*~Laura\~\* Bend, Oregon

Michelle Branch answers: Thank you sooo much! I know a lot of you sing, and write and play as well, I just want you all to know to never compromise your dreams, because if you would have told me 3 years ago I would be doing this I would have laughed. I know it sounds like a major cheese, but anything is possible. Thanks

Michelle Branch says: I'm having a GREAT time! Hang around for the end of the chat, I'll be having some give-aways

shoon asks "michelle, if you could hang out with ANY person, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you do? Thanks - Shoon"

Michelle Branch answers: John Lennon. I would write a song with him.

amanda2004 asks "how does it feel to see your video on TV?".

Michelle Branch answers: it's amazing! I've seen it on VH1, but what we are REALLY trying to do is get it on TRL. You can go to and join Play It Forward, my e-team and everytime to request "Everywhere to TRL you gain points that add up for chaces to win stuff like backstage passes for the upsoming Lifehouse tour and this week if you get it on TRL you can win and autographed guitar!!!!

bluejeanbaby asks "are you comeing with The Calling and Life house to Dallas(i'll see you if you do)? What do you think of The Calling?".

Michelle Branch answers: I am soooo excited to be going on the road with two band that I admire so much. it's gonna be a great tour, and we'll be going all over, so just check out the websites, www.michelle and .net for the dates. I think you'll be hearing a lot more from The Calling very soon, they rock!!!(and they are also super guys_

taysgurl13 asks "who are some of your favorite bands/musicians".

Michelle Branch answers: I'm a HUGE classic rock fan. So I love, led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Aerosmith, Queen, The Rolling Stones...stuff like that...

ker987 aks "hi Michelle... what's your favorite song to perform? I personally like your song, Stewart's Coar. I'll be seeing you this Friday at Slim's in San Francisco so I hope I get to meet you! Take care and best wishes to you. Thanks for your music! =) (Patricia, 18, Hayward-CA)"

Michelle Branch answers "Goodbye To You" is my favorite to play!! I'll see on Friday at SLIMS in San Fran. either that, or I'll be there tomorrow seeing Phantom Planet... they rock!

tiz_music3 asks "What is your ultimate dream? (.e.g. winning a Grammy)".

Michelle Branch answers: Having a lengthy career in music

itzmeerin asks "Hey\~ How are things in your life right now? Still have times for crushes? \~\*\~Sasha\~\*\~".

Michelle Branch answers: I always have time for crushes, just never enough time to follow through with them... I still see people once in a while though.

tonicqueen asks "hi michelle, im kara and im not wearing any pants. what kinda do you reccomend i wear?"

Michelle Branch answers: DUDE! That's GROSS! PUT SOME PANTS ON!!! Hehehe, I like Deisel and Earl jeans....

justincase asks "Hey Michelle! I'm getting fed up with this chat, but I'm going to try and ask this one more time: If you could make up the BEST concert in your mind, who would you have perform? - Steph".

Michelle Branch answers: HEY STEPH! Justin, Nick and Hannah are here with me :) My dream concert would be: Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, Incubus (I have a crush on Brandon Boyd), Justincase, and me :) hehe, I need more time to think about that one....

heymaura asks "hey michelle. this is an awesome chat! I'm so glad you did it! Who's idea was it?

Michelle Branch answers: Thanks for having me! It was Hanson's idea, and I'm glad they had me here. It's cozy!

shoon asks "what was the first concert you ever attened?!".

Michelle Branch answers: The Jets and shortley after TNKOTB. Shhh It's embarrassing.

saveme02 asks: "what color is your toothbrush?"

Michelle Branch answers: It's pink and white, hehehe

Michelle Branch says: We're gonna do a give-away now because I have to get to sound check for my show tonight. I had a wonderful time. Hope to be back soon. I'm gonna ask 3 questions for your change to win a signed full length album, "The Spirit Room"!!!!

Michelle Branch answers: First question... READY, SET.... GO!!

Michelle Branch asks: what mode of transportation did I use to first meet my manager?

Michelle Branch says: HEIDILESCH WINS!! The answer is "a golf cart!"

Michelle Branch says: For the winners: Please send an email to with the address to which your prize should be shipped. Please include your screan name as well. THANKS!!

Michelle branch answers: second question....

Michelle Branch asks: What kind of guitar do I play?

Michelle Branch answers: SUPASTAR WINS!! The answer is "A Taylor guitar!" Don't forget to email me at with your shipping address and screan name :) Thanks and congrats!!

Michelle Branch says: last question...

Michelle Branch says: In the movie, "This is Spinal Tap", how many drummers end up dying?

Michelle Branch says: BONGOHITZ WINS!!! The answer is 2, One spontaneously combusts, and another choked to death on vomit ("but not his own vomit"). CONGRATS! Don't forget to e-mail me!!

Michelle Branch says: one last question and then I have to jet... better be a good one!!!!

Michelle Branch answers: Hang on, I'm looking for a good question to answer....

amanda2004 asks "DO YOU LOVE ALEX?".

Michelle Branch answers: Yes, we are planning to elope. \;) hahaha

Michelle Branch says her shameless self promotion: Remember to please go and VOTE for my song "EVERYWHERE" on TRL for a chance to win a signed guitar, and buy my album "The Spirit Room" August 14th... THANKS SOOOOOO MUCH! Go to my message boards to talk about unsigned bands!!! yeay! And I'm not planning on doing a Big Orchestra number. LATER!

Moderator says: MIchelle Branch has left the building.

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