..this is from my justincase website that I took down..
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Dear justincase fans,
I know you must be sad to see this website go, but you must believe that good things will come again. I started this website back in May/June of 1999. Since then, it has gone through many changes, layouts and names, but it will always be remembered as "justincase HQ" for that was the first name. I truely believe that someone else will make an outstanding fansite for justincase, but for now, I have to concentrate on their official page. I'm sorry that I can't continue with this one. It was fun while I did it. I love making websites and graphics, even though they usually stink. You can check out some of my others here, if you would like.

I still believe that justincase is about to embrace on an amazing journey that will enable them to share their music with the world. They have already started by being featured on Napster with the song, "The Key." And now, perhaps having a song on the MTV reality series, "The Real World." I feel fortunate that I have been able to watch these three people grow and mature with their music. I have had lots of fun experiences that I will never forget, and I just hope that all of you will get a chance to experience what I have.

It's time for me to pass the torch in making justincase websites. I truely hope someone will take this responsiblity, and create something out of their imagination that is truely one of a kind. The Street Team is still going strong, and I suggest you join and continue to spread the word about the band. I still have the justincase fan club running, and it will always be up, so go join that too. To see my future work, visit justincasefans.com. I promise to give 110% to the website in informing all of you, the fans, about exciting news, upcoming shows, and providing you with lots of pictures in case you want to make a fansite too.

I can't thank you enough for visiting this website, and I appreciate all of you that signed the guestbook. I remember back in 1999 when justincase signed the guestbook, and I thought that was THE coolest thing.. and look at me now.. I somehow am their webmaster. I enjoy doing it for them, but also I do it for all of you. I love their fans too, and I just wanted to let you all know that. Remember, I'm no different than you because once upon a time, I too was just another fan watching them onstage wishing I could meet them.

Rock On!

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