Music to Be Heard

I have noticed that Michelle Branch fans are very open to new music, and listen to a wide variety. Here are some bands/artists that I think that you should check out and remember because they have a lot of promise.

John Mayer: Awesome guitarist whom Michelle Branch loves too! She recently played a show with him in Anderson, SC that I was able to attend. His cd is called "Room For Squares" stores now.

justincase: Friends of mine & michelle's, and her labelmates now on Maverick. They are three talented siblings that make amazing rock-alternative-pop music. Their single "Dont Cry For Us" hits radio on June 25th, while their debut album will be released on August 27th.

Graham Colton: A band from Dallas, Texas...very talented. Definite potential to make it big.

Jessica Harp: A friend of Michelle's, and another girl guitarist. Sounds like Jewel. Her independent cd, Preface, is now onsale from her website.

Maroon5: Awesome band that opened up for Michelle on her first headlining tour in February. Their album is released in stores on June 25th.

Transmatic: Another band that opened for Michelle on her tour in February.

Lyndzie: Another girl guitarist with a lot of potential. A great voice and catchy songs.

Avril Lavigne: a punk-influenced rocker from Canada making it big with her first single "Complicated."

Athenaeum: Geniuses at what they do. Their albums are out of this world. From Greensboro, NC...used to be on Atlantic Records but got dropped. Definately should be checked out. Live shows are amazing. One of my favorite bands.

Rooney: Robert Schwartzman's band...just got signed to Geffen Records.

Phantom Planet: Jason Schwartzman is the drummer. Their album, "The Guest" is on Epic Records...its one great record.

Part Time Heroes: A band from Rock Hill, SC...they have definite potential to make it big.

Ryan Tedder: A new guitarist, represented by Lance Bass... has one amazing voice. He won MTV's Free Lance Search back in 2000.

That should keep you busy for a while :)
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