I love writing poems, and these are ones that I have written either being inspired by a song or perhaps a picture, or a time during Michelle's career. Sometimes it doesn't come from anywhere in particular. I hope you enjoy reading these.

Not the Same
She's no Britney
Not even Christina.
She might be Jewel-like,
but then again,
She's not even close.
Not angry like Alanis,
She's not Fiona either.
The music speaks for itself,
it's fresh and new.
She's her own person,
No one telling her what to do,
how to look or what to like.
and I'll just tell you this:
It's about time.

Taking over the air waves,
and soon MTV as well.
You'll see this girl everywhere.
An album to rave about,
it's about time music is like hers,
filled with truth of all kinds.
You better believe it,
this girl is going places,
and all she has to do is
Invision the Platinium.

Fly high above the land,
amongst the clouds in the sky.
No one can stop you,
from being who you are.
Dream life as you want.
Reach for the stars but not the sun.

Happy Birthday
Eighteen is monumental,
a turning point in your life.
For this coming year,
will hold amazing experiences.
With this special birthday,
comes many wishes from every one of us.
We wish you the best,
because someone like you deserves it.
Happy Birthday, Michelle.

All you want to be,
is free to be you.
No one telling you
what to wear,
or how to act.
Flying free and feeling good,
you are who you are,
and darn proud of it too.

Imagine the future
as you gaze through the window.
You don't know what will happen
but you feel good about it.
You know are making a difference
in a someone's life or two,
and that makes you feel good.
Just Imagine.

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