Dirty Pop

So, has everyone listened to the new NSync song? Yeah, the one called "Pop". I took the time to actually listen to the words, and I couldn't help but laugh. Here, I will give you the first verse of the song.

dirty pop
sick and tired of hearing all these people talk about
what's the deal with this pop life and when is it gonna fade out
the thing that you got to realize is what we are doing is not a trend
we got the gift of melody

I ask, what is the deal with NSync singing this?! They think they have all the talent in the world.. ha! What does all the actual musicians have then? I just think this song is totally false, and yet totally true. I heard that NSync wrote a lot of their new album, Celebrity, so I understand why the song, "Pop," sounds so conceited. NSync has big heads.. seriously, they are so full of themselves now. They try to deny it but myself and others see it. I just want to know when the "pop life" is gonna fade out. It's time for new faces with new music to be in the spotlight. I'm tired of switching it on MTV and seeing NSync, BSB, Britney, or whoever else happens to be #1 on TRL. Perhaps Michelle Branch is the key to this change.. A seventeen year old girl who writes, plays, and sings her own material, and doesn't have people tell her what to do and how to dress. She's coming at a time when she can change the music spotlight. Maybe she knows this, and maybe she doesn't. But she has the power to have people see that maybe there is music better than the "pop".

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