Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte, NC
October 4, 2001

Eva & I got down to Tremont Music Hall and not many people were there, so we decided to go over to this place called Pike's and use the bathroom. When we were driving back to Tremont, we spotted Jen, Jesse, Jim, and some other guy walking on the sidewalk. We turned around, and catched up to them. They were looking for a place to eat, so we mentioned how good Pike's was. So we met them there, and sat with them to keep them company. It was really cool finally meeting Jen in person. Jim remembered us from the Raleigh show, and told Eva she looked like Kirsten Dunst. Jesse was really nice too. We were there for awhile while they ate. Jen had to bring Rick(lifehouse) back something to eat because she just kinda left him, lol. While we were chatting, a car honked at us and it was the Toscos(justincase), haha. Jen, Eva, and I piled into my car and we headed back down the road to Tremont where the Toscos were standing around. Jen went inside with the Toscos, and me & eva stayed outside, but good things would come our way. We were just hanging out, and we heard The Calling's soundcheck, and also saw Sean standing around on the loading deck. Then we saw Jon Button & Jim chilling on the loading deck and I think Jim started talking about us because soon enough, Jon Buttom came out and over to the fence to talk to US! What a sweetie! He heard that we had gone to get ice cream(pike's is an old time soda shop), and we told him he should have come and stuff. No one else there knew who Jon was, and he remembered us from Raleigh. Stephanie came later because she had to work that day. When the doors opened, we talked to Jen for a little while because she manned the merchandise booth, which was right by the entrance. We managed to talk our way up to the front row for michelle's set. She only played TWENTY minutes. Michelle waved to us when she came out, and so did Jon. She mentioned justincase after her first song, and we were all like "justincase rocks" and she said the website and stuff, and then was like "she must be their webmaster" or something. haha. Anyway, after the set, we left our front row spots to go talk to Michelle because she was having a little autograph session at the merchandise booth, and then she would have to leave a little bit later to go to Atlanta to get on a plane. I'm standing right there beside Michelle, and she says jokingly "ew, I don't want to sign anything for you" and I just reply "ew, I don't like you either" and smile. She signed my ticketstub and I took a picture of her & Jen. I don't know why I didn't get another picture with her...maybe next time. This girl, Lindsey, that I met there had Michelle sign her blue Taylor614ce guitar. Michelle thought she was committing a crime, and would never let anyone touch her guitar. Stephanie, Eva, & I watched The Calling from the back, and talked with Jim, Jon Button, and Jen. We hung out with Jon the most. We watched Lifehouse with him until he had to leave. He gave me like five hugs because he always thought he was leaving but he would always come back. After Michelle had a meet & greet, she was hanging out in the other room at Tremont that had the bar & pool tables and I talked to her briefly before she had to go. She's such a sweetheart. The three of us watch the rest of Lifehouse with the Toscos, and afterwards we stayed awhile and talked with Jen. I think there was like hardly anyone in the place when we finally left. Oh yeah, Sean passed me after they played...he wasn't feeling well. I can't wait till Michelle can come back to Charlotte...and I hope she can stay a bit longer.

These are my pictures that I took myself. Please email me.

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