the 'Everywhere' video

Okay, the video finally go put up sometime.. not sure when because I got off the computer at 8 o'clock and it wasn't up then. But I just now watched it and wow! It's really an awesome video. I can't wait till MTV world premieres it, so we can vote for it on TRL. It's gonna blow Britney and company off the countdown.

the guy.. This guy in the video, can we all say "hott"? LOL. I think he's model. He sure is "everywhere" in the video. First in the apartment across from Michelle, then at the party where Michelle is playing, then on the TV, walking through the hall in the building across, then down on the street, and then in the room below Michelle's, and then at the end he was in the same room as Michelle. Ok, so that was a really long run-on sentence, lol. That guy just does that to me.. he's a cutie!

obsessive much?.. uh, yeah.. Michelle seemed to be acting a little obsessive over this guy in the video, but we have all done that.. come on, admit it. It was cool how she was making a collection of polaroids, and the apartment/room was pretty cool looking..messy, but cool.

Overall, I really liked it and I will definately vote for it to make it #1 on TRL :) I hope that everyone else likes it too.

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